is everywhere. Law permits, enables, prohibits, legitimates, protects, and prosecutes citizens. Law shapes our day to day lives in countless ways. Law is in the air.
Most of the US presidents were lawyers. We don't believe in conspiracy theory, but we live in the unbreakable loop, where one group of people creates laws, another - serves the Law and the third makes money out of the Law. If any of you ever tried to read and understand legal papers, you know: it's almost impossible. The influential people in the government and in the Law industry try to keep laws as complex as possible. That level of complexity serves that group of people. Aristotel said: ignorance of the Law excuses no one, but how can a regular citizen study all laws if the government produces thousands of regulations every year. It hardly is possible. We decided to rewrite and reinvent the Law. We believe, everyone has the right to know their rights. We make laws simple and affordable. And one day we will change the Law and this will change the world.